Make the old new again!

Often a stone (gemstones or cabochons) with scratches and rounded faces can be “repaired” (actually re-polished or slightly re-cut) to give the stone a complete ‘face-lift’, restoring (or sometimes even surpassing) its former beauty. We can Re-polish, Repair, and Re-cut chipped or broken stones. A small chip or break can often be removed so that the stone can be reset in the same piece of jewelry. Stones with large breaks or fractures can be salvaged by re-cutting, either to a smaller size of the original design or into a new shape.

Re-polish: Your stone can sparkle again. Minor abrasions and shallow scratches on the table or domed surface can dull the ‘life’ of your stone. Once these abrasions are removed your stone can look like new. Sometimes this can be done on cabochons while the stone is in its setting. Pricing for this service usually runs from $15.00 and up.

The pictures  represent an actual ring that was re-polished. The customers response: ” Just wanted you to know again how pleased I’m with my ring and how proud my grandmother would be to see it .Great job keep up the good work.”

Repair: If your stone looks unusable due to heavy abrasion, deep scratches or chips, re‑cutting can make it usable again. This process usually involves only re-cutting and re‑polishing the crown of a gemstone or the domed surface of a cabochon. Pricing for this service usually runs from $20 and up.

Re-Cut: A broken or fractured stone can be fashioned into a brand new stone. A family heirloom or a stone of sentimental value can begin life anew. See Custom Gem Cutting or Cabochon page for pricing information.

Each stone is evaluated to determine the best course of action; Re-polish, Repair, or Re‑cut. We will give you our recommendation on what can be done and on how or if the restorative technique will affect the stone. Contact us to receive your FREE estimate. Give us a description of the stone, such as approximate size, type of material, type of setting, and how it will be used.

Gemstones sent to us for restoration should be loose. Please be aware that restorative work can never add material to a stone – and will always involve removing material. A loss of carat weight (sometimes significant weight) will occur, and the stone may no longer fit into the setting it came out of. So, you may want to send the setting along with the loose stone.

If the stone is not loose, there is an additional charge of $15.00 to remove each stone from its setting and another additional $15.00 charge for setting each stone back in place; provided there is no prong work. Some settings, e.g., Bezel or Fancy Type mounts, might incur additional expenses. In all cases you will be notified of any changes to the original estimate or quote.